Coeur de Glace
Mexicali, Mexico.

Cadillac in Chelsea, New York City // Vivitar V3800N with 35mm film //by ▲ L E X  //

Once there was a girl named Matangi.

Havent slept at all, cause i couldnt. I guess i wanted to try and make my dream come true of M.I.A. actually seeing this. I’ll send it to her via twitter. Maybe i’m lucky.

Tonight’s the night! Ja’mie: Private School Girl premieres in the US and Canada, 10.30pm on HBO! Tune in each Sunday and catch up On Demand/HBO GO.
I will answer them if I get any.
  • A:

  • B:
    Where I'm from.

  • C:
    Where I would like to live.

  • D:
    Favourite food.

  • E:

  • F:
    Sexual orientation.

  • G:

  • H:
    Favourite book.

  • I:
    Eye colour.

  • J:
    Favourite movie.

  • K:
    Favourite TV show.

  • L:
    Favourite band/singer.

  • M:
    Random fact about me.

  • N:
    Favorite day of the year.

  • O:
    Favourite colour.

  • P:
    If I have any pets; if so, their names.

  • Q:
    What I'm listening to right now.

  • R:
    Last movie I've watched.

  • S:
    What's my ringtone.

  • T:
    Favourite male character from a TV show.

  • U:
    Favourite female character from a TV show.

  • V:
    What my name means.

  • W:
    Favourite superhero.

  • X:
    Celebrity crush.

  • Y:
    My birthday.

  • Z:
    Ever self-harmed?


Katie Schmid by Donald J
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